Tired of carrying around the hard copies of your semester's syllabus' ?
Well, here it comes, the "Csit Syllabus" android app. Get it in your android phone and have access to your syllabus whenever, wherever you want it.
Not only for students, it's useful for teachers as well.

We don't hear about apps regarding BSc CSIT very often. But this time, two undergraduate guys from Birgunj, Manish Kumar Sah and Manish Pandit,  have made an app consisting of BSc CSIT syllabus of all the semesters.  Manish Sah is a Computer Engineering student while Manish Pandit is a CSIT student.

They said, "Before this app, students and teachers used to have different sets of pdf  and hard-copy syllabus, which ultimately resulted in mis-understanding of course structure among them. So, we decided to come up with an app, that can prove helpful among students and teachers. And students also get rid of heavy, hard-to-handle, printed hard-copy syllabus. For now, this is just a basic app, we'll be upgrading the app in the future."

The app is fine, but it seems that they should focus a bit more on their UI. And, if they include micro-syllabus as well, this would be more helpful.
The guys came up with an amazing concept, but it would have been great if they had made a complete app which covers all the required necessary study materials for BSc CSIT. Anyways, it's better to have something, than to have nothing.

Anyways good luck to Manish and Manish. Great going guys !

Here's the play store link of the app :


Here are few screenshots from the app :

Few days ago, we got a message in our facebook page from a freshman year BSc CSIT student saying "what is this git thing ? is it useful to us ?....." and we thought of doing an article on this.

Suppose you're doing a project and you're almost about to finish it. And then your laptop gets stolen or it gets broken and you can't recover your project code. Now, that's a catastrophe. All your toil and hard labour goes in vain. Literally you're null now, you'll have to start all over again.

Suppose you're doing a project and the client or people keep on asking you about your project's progress. Or you are in a such a project where you have to submit your code to certain authority in each milestone. So, that's a tedious job, doing things over and over in each milestone or certain step.

Suppose you're in a  long-term creative-type of project. After you pass certain step, you come up with new and efficient ideas of code that you could have implemented in the latter step. Then, you're gonna have to rewrite the whole code from the beginning, each time, actually many times. And that's tedious as well.

Suppose you're doing a collaborative project with involvement of lot of people. And it is totally impractical to send the zipped files to each of them each and every time you do something new.

So, we need an efficient solution to such unreliabilities. So, in 2005, the great Linus Torvalds released all the developers from such great pain by creating a tool called git.

Normally, even a novice developer these days knows about git. No matter how much vast texts we try to write about git in this article, it will appear less and less once you start typing "git" in google search.

Git is simply a version control system which helps you keep track of changes in your files or code. It's a common term among programmers these days and it saves a lot of effort and time while you're creating something new since you can reuse others' code and add your creativity over it.

We don't think we should write anything more about git, since the internet has got a lot of web articles waiting for you to read regarding git. So, happy gitting future programmers :) .

Git wikipedia page : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git

If you want to learn more git functions, visit this article as well, it's pretty helpful :
The Advanced Git Guide: Git Stash, Reset, Rebase, and More

P.S. : This article is mainly targeted to the newly enrolled computer science students who are curious about software development. The main intention behind writing this piece of text is to aware them about version control in their beginning days, the internet will lead them further. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

here are the old questions for 6th semester 2073 exams. and thanks a lot to Anjana Bhandari for providing us the old questions.

Real Time System

Compiler Design and Construction

Software Engineering

Web Technologies

Fundamentals of  E-Commerce

P.S. please let us know if you have any latest exam question papers and we will update them here in the blog. thanks.

Well, a guy messaged us asking how to access the worldlink router settings and I thought of writing a blog post in it.

Few months back, I had worldlink internet connected at my home and the connection guys told me not to mess with the reset button on the router. And I became a bit curious. Then, they told me that I should login to the worldlink's website to change my wifi ssid and password, and I became more curious. And when I asked about hiding wifi and mac filtering, they said that users are not allowed to open router settings and i should go to the worldlink office and they would do it for me,. And I was like "what the f***  man !, I have the router(which I am paying charges to use) in my room and I need to go to worldlink office to use the settings ? " Screw them !

Simply follow the following steps to access the fiber router settings.
It has a lot of features. You can do a lot of things if you know to use it properly (if you know what i mean ;-) ).

1. Open your browser and type in the default gateway ( for me it's ). You can get your default gateway by typing "ipconfig" command in command prompt.

2. Then enter the following credentials : 
     Account :     telecomadmin
     Password  :  admintelecom

3. Done. 

P.S. This article is for educational purpose only. We won't be held responsible if anyone is caught breaking the law.

Here is the download link of complete real time systems chapter wise notes.


The routine and exam center of BSc CSIT 4th and 6th semester are as follows :

Routine :

Exam Center :

Good luck to everyone !

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